a bit about me

Hi I'm Nick! I'm a wedding Photographer based in Stockport in the North West of England.

I would describe myself as a bit of a nerd, a crazy cat man and a decent cook! I adore gadgets and new technologies. Especially when it comes to Apple products or games consoles. Having every Nintendo console since the Super Nintendo. I have 5 cats, yes FIVE, Sooty (black cat), Jam, Marmalade, Scrappy (all gingers!) and Poppy (tabby). All of them are great, especially with my King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, Buddy. I have an incredibly bad taste in music , as I pretty much only listen to Trance, Hard House and the odd bit of indie music. Finally I make a damn good Sunday roast if I'm not working, usually timed perfectly for the football to share with friends and family.


Being based in that murky line between Cheshire & Greater Manchester gives me great access to all of the North West & Wales, though I'm happy travelling wherever your wedding may be.


I have always had a love from photography, from having a camera as a kid, to being a student in college and learning how to develop 35mm film. However, it wasn't till a chance encounter with Carl (my second photographer) in 2011 that I picked up a DSLR. From that point it snowballed, resulting in taking photo's at a wedding and the couple preferring my images over that of their photographer. I enjoyed the experience that much I photographed more weddings and I suddenly found myself in demand.


I'm a tech-loving, pet obsessing, wedding documenting, camera button clicker.


and charity relationship bloke


to Sooty, Jam, Lady, Pop, Scrap & Bud

happily raving

to TiEsto when he made trance

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